2017 Spring Belt Testing

A little warmer weather means that spring is here. With spring came our second belt testing of the year  (March 12th, 2017) which was action packed and arguably Karate South’s best testing ever. We kicked hard, fought hard.  Thanks parents, students, masters, and black belts for your tireless support and efforts.

Congratulations Students & Families

New White Belts:
Keri Clifton
Christian Clifton
Wyatt Beverly

New Yellow White Belts:
Marlee Mixon
Jonathan Inman
Omar’i Bryant

New Yellow Belts:
Jason Clifton
Kaden Walker
Jequias Norris
Mason Owens
Jordyn Paige

New Yellow Black Belts:
Michael Deyorio
Micajah Steedley

New Green White Belts:
Andres Medina
Christopher Shipes

New Green Belts:
Jadyn Andrews
Hayden Tanner
Jayce Carter

New Green Black Belts:
Justin Jordan
Bamaan Grady

Black Belts:
Tanya McCoy 1st Dan
Sean McCoy 2nd Dan