2017 Summer Testing In the History Books

Karate South has another testing in the books and with it comes a new series of promotions. To say we are beyond proud of all of our students would be a serious understatement. Thanks to everyone for all of your hard work from March through June.

Congratulations Students & Families

New Yellow/White Belts:
Wyatt Beverly

New Yellow Belts:
Jonathan Inman

New Yellow/Black Belts:
Mason Owens
Jequias Norris
Jordyn Paige (Pending)

New Green/White Belts:
Micajah Steedley
Joey Deyorio (Pending)
Christopher Shipes (Pending)

New Green Belts:
Andres Medina
Bryce Lee

New Green/Black Belts:
Jadyn Andrews
Jayce Carter
Hayden Tanner (Pending)

New Blue/White Belts:
Bamaan Grady (Pending)

New Students:
Kayden Vinson (Lil’ Panthers)
Stevie Conner (Lil’ Panthers)
McKinslee Conner (Lil’ Panthers)
Anoree Collins (Lil’ Panthers)
Keandre Paige (Lil’ Panthers)
Anareli Valdez (Lil’ Panthers)