Karate South Martial Arts Academy is located in Homerville, Georgia. Karate South’s instructors and students exemplify the codes and tenements of Tang Soo Do . Our goal, to develop students to reach their maximum physical and mental potential.

Our Student Creed:
I will development myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that will harm me mentally or physically. I will develop self-discipline to bring out the best in myself and others. I will use what I learn constructively and never be abusive or offensive.

Sean A. McCoy – Instructor (3rd Dan)
“Mr. Sean” began his martial arts journey in 1984 studying Taekwondo through the instruction of David Baxter of Waycross, Georgia. Over the years, he’s engaged in many other styles including Isshin-ryu, Goja-ryu, Shotokan, as well as a small stint in with Aikido. Mr. Sean earned his black belt under the instruction of Master Ronnie Crews in 2015 and opened K-South Martial Arts Academy later that year. He was promoted to 2nd degree black belt in 2017 and then to 3rd Dan in 2020. Mr. Sean is actively seeking a black belt several other forms of martial arts and slated for promotion to 4th Dan in 2023.

Tanya V. McCoy – Assistant Instructor (2nd Dan)
“Mrs. Tanya” also student of Master Ronnie Crews began studying in 2013. She serves the role of assistant instructor at K-South having earned her black belt in 2017. Often considered “the heart of the school” Mrs. Tanya performs many of the day-to-day school administration functions aside from class instruction. Mrs. Tanya was promoted to 2nd Dan in April of 2018 and is expected to test for 3rd Dan 2021.