2017 Winter Belt Testing

As 2016 comes to an end, it’s always great to spend time with our students and parents from other schools within our federation. During our Winter testing on 12/17, we were fortunate to have visitors (including multiple masters) from Pak’s Karate Brunswick, Pak’s Karate Mandarin, as well as visitors from Mike’s Karate Jacksonville to participate and show the extent of our karate family. Our students we A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! #besttestever

Congratulations Students & Families

New White Belts:

Marlee Mixon
Omar’i Bryant

New Orange Belts: (Junior Ranking)
Joseph  Turner

New Yellow White Belts:
Jason Clifton
Kaden Walker
Jequias Norris
Mason Owens
Jordyn Paige (Pending)

New Yellow Belts:
Michael Deyorio
Micajah Steedley

New Yellow Black Belts:
Andres Medina
Joshua Brock (Pending)
Christopher Shipes (Pending)

New Green White Belts:
Jadyn Andrews
Hayden Tanner
Seqouia Kelsaw (Pending)
Jayce Carter

New Green Belts:
Justin Jordan
Bamaan Grady (Pending)

New Black White Belts:
Tanya McCoy