What is the earliest age child can begin to take martial classes?
Our “Lil’ Panthers” classes are designed for children ages 5 to 7. Exceptions for  children at 4 years old may be made on a case-by-case basis which considers the maturity level and aptitude of the child. Parents & guardians of any child granted an exception for minimum age requirement must be present at all times the child is in our facility.
How are classes scheduled for older children, teens, and adults?
Older children ages 8-12 and teenagers ranging in age from 13-17 will be afforded separate classes based on need and overall demand. Adults classes will be scheduled separately when possible. *Note adult students are welcome to attend any of our scheduled classes with the exception of Lil’ Panthers.  
How often are students promoted to the next belt level?
Under normal circumstances, belt testing will occur every three months in March, June, Sept, & Dec.  To be eligible for testing, students must attend a minimum of two classes per week and satisfy the curriculum for the grading term. Students enrolled in grades K-12 may also have academic requirements to be eligible for testing. *Note children ages 5-8 are promoted based on our junior belt system.
How long will it take to earn a black belt?
From the start of a student’s training until their black belt (1st Dan) test, it is fair to assume a minimum of four to four and a half years.  Exceptions may be made for exceptional students or those with prior martial arts experience on a case-by-case basis.  
Do I have to sign a contract to take trial classes?
No. In fact, we invite EVERYONE who is interested in trying out our any of our classes to join us for a trial week! After the trial, you can then decide if you (or your child) wish to continue or not as there’s no risk or obligation.
Do you require a contract for all students?
No. We do offer varying pricing and program options for students who seek a month-to-month or short-term arrangements.  We invite you to contact us for more info. Be sure to ask us about our Freedom Plan!
How much are classes?
Classes range from $85.00 to $129.95 per month (per student) depending on the program and options of choice. Be sure to visit our promotions page for our current offers. Also ask about special discounts for government employees, teachers, police, fire, emergency rescue, military, and senior citizens. 
Do you offer discounts for multiple students or families?
Yes! We offer a discounted tuition for siblings and families. For more info, please call, email, or visit us in person.


Still need help?
Please contact us anytime for a quick chat with our awesome team.