Karate South’s Team Post Big Wins – 26th Annual Roman Classic

Fact: Clinch County loves Panther’s football. It makes sense because year after year the red and black are known contenders for their division and beyond. However, setting those Friday light nights aside, what might not be as well know, the quaint town of Homerville is quickly becoming a contender in taekwondo, specifically, Olympic sparring.

Earlier this month, Homerville’s Karate South competed in the 26th annual Roman Classic in Rome, Georgia. This year’s tournament which consisted of over two-hundred competitors from thirty-four schools spanning four states, offered fierce competition at all belt levels.

Karate South Side Kick Tournament
Karate South’s sparring team with belts ranging from yellow/black (beginner) to blue (intermediate) brought home four gold medals, three silver, and a bronze.

“We’re absolutely thrilled at the level of effort these kids put in week after week. We’re not easy on them. They clearly want to win. They push themselves. They push each other and it shows in the results” says Mr. Sean McCoy team coach and owner of Karate South.

Subjugating the opposing competition by an average of twelve or more points in most matches, The team is now looking towards their next challenge, Winter Battle hosted in McDonough, Georgia, early next year.  A fourteen-year-old, double-elimination, tournament, Winter Battle attracts intermediate to higher level competitors who are often seeking ring time to prepare for state and national level finals.

“I don’t think we have anyone thinking beyond state or nationals at this point but it’s not unrealistic to move beyond. The Olympics is obviously the pinnacle, but these regional tournaments are how all those folks at the world games got their start. Who knows? Stranger things have happened” continues McCoy.

Tournament Results:

Bamaan Grady Blue Belt 1st Place
Justin Jordan Blue Belt 1st Place
Joey Deyorio Green Belt 1st Place
Omar’i Bryant Yellow Belt 1st Place
Bryce Lee Green Black Belt 2nd Place
Jequias Norris Green White Belt 2nd Place
Jonathan Inman Yellow Black Belt 2nd Place
Mason Owens Green White Belt 3rd Place

Karate South Martial Arts Academy will soon celebrate its second year of business and offers classes in traditional Tang Soo Doo, Taekwondo, and Kick Boxing. The school is owned operated by husband and wife team Mr. Sean A. McCoy & Mrs. Tanya V. McCoy both of which are certificated black belts with the United Tang Soo Do Federation (UTF) with direct lineage to Grand Master Song K. Pak.