Your Guide to Creating the Ultimate In-Home Martial Arts Studio

If the COVID-19 lockdown is keeping your kids from attending their regular martial arts lessons, you may be weighing the pros and cons of creating an in-home martial arts studio that your children can use throughout the pandemic and well after it ends. To discover the benefits of making space in your home for a martial arts studio, as well as to learn nearly everything you need to know about building a studio of your own, read on!


Discover the Benefits of Building an In-Home Martial Arts Studio

According to Everyday Health, the physical and mental benefits of practicing martial arts range from increased stamina, concentration, and focus to improved posture, flexibility, and agility. Plus, martial arts help kids to become better performers in seasonal sports such as football and baseball. However, did you know that building an in-home martial arts studio could also benefit your family financially? Read on to find out how!

  • If you’re wondering how to increase your home appraisal value, building a martial arts studio could do the trick. However, keep track of any improvements you make to your home, and take photos before and after the building of your in-home martial arts studio.
  • Whether you’ll be renovating a basement or spare bedroom to include your new martial arts studio, you’ll appeal to future homebuyers if you design the studio as a multi-purpose room in your home. This would give future homebuyers the option to convert the space into a yoga studio, playroom, home office, or fitness center.
  • According to the Simple Dollar, the average parent spends about $671 on youth sports each year. While the cost of martial arts training varies, your in-home studio will allow your children to train at home — saving you money over time.


Choose a Location for Your Martial Arts Studio

Now that you’re familiar with the physical, mental, and financial benefits of practicing martial arts at home, it’s time to choose a location and start building! Here’s how to do it.

  • Consider building your in-home martial arts studio in your basement, especially if it’s not already finished. According to estimates from HomeAdvisor, the cost of renovating an entire basement ranges between $11,036 and $29,286 on average.
  • If a basement renovation is out of the question, several other locations for your in-home studio could include the garage, spare bedroom, or even a porch. Depending on where you live, you may need to heat or cool a garage if you convert it to a martial arts studio.
  • Wherever you place your in-home martial arts studio, you’ll need to purchase the right type of padding to cover your floors. Several types of flooring for martial arts studios include interlocking foam tiles, roll out mats, landing mats, and folding mats.


Purchase Supplies and Apparel for Your Martial Artists-in-Training
Once you’ve built your in-home martial arts studio, you’ll need to purchase some gear for your young martial artists. A few basic items include:

  • Martial arts uniforms. The type of uniform you’ll need will depend on whether your kids are training for karate, judo, jiu-jitsu, or Tae Kwon Do.
  • Protective sparring gear. When practicing karate at home, your kids will need guards for the mouth, groin, shins, feet, and hands.
  • Rashguards, shorts, and gloves designed for mixed martial arts (MMA). When starting MMA training at home, your kids may also need a punching bag and jump rope.

While there are many things you’ll need to consider before building your in-home martial arts studio, these tips and resources will help you to get started. The building of your studio will take some time, planning, and budgeting, but your new in-home martial arts space could end up increasing the value of your home while also keeping your kids happy and healthy.


Image by Pixabay
Post Provided by Charlene Roth of Safety Kid